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Remote PC Support

System Tune-up & Routine Maintenance to speed up PCReal-Time on demand PC Support Over The internet


Remote PC Support – Glasgow PC Support can help you troubleshoot and solve most of your computer related problems without the need to dispatch an onsite service technician.

Our on-demand “Remote PC Support” service does not require you to have a support contract in order to receive Remote PC Support for a simple one off fee we can quickly connect directly to your Computer and fix a vast array of your PC problems.

The Advantages of contacting Glsgow PC Support for Remote PC Support

  • Fast – One of our Qualified IT Technicians will connect directly to your PC and fix your computer quickly and efficiantly.
  • Secure – Our Remote Software uses encryption to ensure that no-one apart from ourselves can see your computer
  • Spyware Free – Our Remote Software is designed as a run once application and as such it does not install any files on your system and will leave no traces after completion of you remote support session.
  • Cost Effective – An on onsite Technician visit is avoided and as such we pass on the savings to you. If in the event of your pc problem requiring one of our on-site engineers to fully complete your pc repair we will credit you with 50% of your remote support cost towards the on-site visit cost.




What can Remote PC support Service help with ?

A vast array of computer problems. Here are just a few of the services our remote pc support service is ideally suited for


System System Tune-up & Maintenance to speed up your PC Configure & assist with Email / Internet / Microsoft Office Settings
Locate and remove viruses and/or Spywaare Install or Remove software programs on your computer
Tuition & General PC advice Help Setup your printer or other peripheral devices
Help with hardware installation / configuration Help with system or program settings
Increase the security of your Internet and/or Wireless connection And much more!


When can we not use Remote PC support ?

As Remote PC Support requires us to directly connect to your PC to solve your problems there are some issues that remote support is unable to fix and an onsite visit would be necessary, for example :

* Network / Internet connection problems – as the service relies on a working internet connection, this type of problem cannot be solved using our internet based remote support.
* Hardware problems – modems / memory etc – hardware problems that cause the machine not to startup or affect its internet connection again will require an onsite visit